Real Remedies

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Sister Keri offers real remedies for implanted replicating weaponized nano-technology such as is found in some of the COVID-19 injections. She was initially targeted ten years ago for CONTROL after she became a whistleblower against the Deep State.  But when she refused to acquiesce and succeeded in ridding her body of the implanted replicating weaponized nano-technology intended to control her, she became a target for DEATH.  She has survived no less than 12 attacks on her life and offers her extensive experiences with bio-weaponry to help others facing similar attacks which potentially includes everyone who has taken the jab.  Dr. Francis Boyle, a renowned doctor, and others have identified the COVID-19 jab as a biowarfare biotech weapon that may in time either kill those who take it or render them controlled slaves.  Sister Keri is living proof that the effects can be reversed and the nefarious purposes rebuffed.  She is a lone voice of hope amidst many who’ve stated this can’t be reversed.

       Although Sister Keri has described in detail her experiences and remedies in 11.5 hours of video footage*, a highlight-only synopsis (under 2 hours) of her story focusing on the remedies that worked for her† is now available to watch here.

 *‘From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer’ in two parts is currently available to watch here.

 † This video is for general informational purposes only.  CHRIST THE WALL HERMITAGES does not offer legal, tax, or medical advice.