The Special Notice is a Legal Notice to the public-at-large - but more importantly to the entities of authority and influence in your life.  The need for it is evidenced by growing numbers of people being coerced into taking the COVID jab against their better judgment and by those who are reluctantly obeying mask-wearing mandates in spite of their innate sense that masks are ineffective against any virus.

It is not a refusal to comply with mask or vaccination requirements; rather, it is a conditional acceptance of such on proof of claim that....

Files into the public record and notice properly through the appropriate legal means, this notice is a powerful declaration of your inherent individual rights with slated potential consequences to anyone daring to violate them.  

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Reclaiming Your First Estate, a 2-Part Video Series.

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In Part 2 of 2, you will learn how Sister Keri researched and found that she was “not in Kansas anymore" and that there are parallel worlds in law, one to suretyship and slavery and one to freedom and honor.  You will hear from part of Sister's inner core group on how she expresses her Private American Citizenship alongside her Ambassadorial Status for Christ and how you also can attain this status or status like it in your own country by returning to your original status at birth as non-surety and non-enemy.  Although this content addresses the United States jurisdictional matters specifically, the same concepts can be applicable to making proper declarations in other countries.  You will see evidence that categorizes and marks us unwittingly and unknowingly as threats to military databases and how to make corrections to that record by way of the U.S. passport application.  Sister Keri encourages you above all to never forget who you are on this journey to empowerment and freedom!

Approximate Running Time:  1hr 8mins.

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My Story: From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer, (Part 1 of a 2 Part Series) Video Streaming Access 

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Part 1 of 2 You will learn how Sister Keri gathered the facts, assess what was happening to her, how she shielded herself both physically and spiritually; you will hear actual testimonies from her team and will have Sister Keri's toolbox of remedies that she used to empower herself, to raise her vibration and to comfort herself in this fact-gathering stage.  Her approach is faith-based, yet she accommodates a universal audience.

Chronology for video chapter sequence for Part 1 of the Video Streaming Access Part 1:

  • Sister Keri Reviews Remedies 1

  • Sister Keri Reviews Remedies 2

  • David Gute and Sister Keri on Mindset 1

  • David Gute and Sister Keri on Mindset 2

  • Vicki Siedow P.I. talks about what Targeted Survivors Can Do.

  • Sister Keri shares her experiences regarding FOIA/PA.

  • Sister Keri as Guest of Dr. Hildy on OneCellOneLightRadio while still on run.

  • Mark Ellis on Fun Faithfulness and Friendship.

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Divine Challenge Keri Burnor



"A heart-wrenching story, one often taken up by souls who are here to make a big difference in the world, Keri Burnor's memoir is a tale of unflagging faith and persistence in the face of overwhelming adversity/obstacles.  Only a truly beautiful spirit can endure what has happened here, to have a heart and soul large enough to take a stand against perpetrators who prey on the innocent people seeking to meet with the Truth of their faith.

As the saying goes, "The Lotus, the most beautiful of all flowers grows from the soils of the darkest adversity" Sister Burnor in my heart is just such a flower. 

The Truth will prevail especially in the hearts of the most pure, and it will manifest all around them as a beacon of hope that Divine Will guides us all on this journey to help ourselves and one another. Her experiences and her courage to expose them has helped others in situations of abuse who fear coming forward.

This book was an experience and serves to illustrate how the Divine operates through all of us. It is a powerful and evocative story of growth and opening ever deeper into the Sacredness of the journey.

Blessings to you Keri Burnor on your journey, may its unfoldment lead you to the ultimate Union with the Divine ~ so much more magnificently than you could have ever dreamed possible."

A.M.S. -- Toronto, CANADA


"Sister Keri,

I want to thank you for having me as a guest at your conference last weekend.  I have no idea how you do what you do but am so glad and grateful that you do it.  You are what I can best describe as a true servant of God and it is my honor, privilege, and pleasure to be a part of this experience of learning from your story. In the short time we've known each other I feel like I've grown exponentially, my confidence (in many areas) restored, and my past vindicated, forgiven, and restored whole.

You've said several things that I've gleaned wisdom from, but the point of vindication and restoration came with your comments about spiritual abuse.  That hit me like a thunderbolt because it brought precise clarity to my "story."  I quietly wept as you were opening up to the group with tears of mixed emotions.  I'm actually quietly weeping as I type this response to you.

You see, you had priests and monks, and I had deacons and trustees at my father's church to deal with.  It was so bad that I had to map out a precise time to go to the bathroom to avoid one of them stalking me down and attempting to harass or molest me......I was only a kid for pete's sakes!  This does NOT include the many molestation attempts done by family members, so-called friends, and even strangers on the street.  I was "damaged goods" for decades behind all of this.

Once I was trapped in a car with a trustee when I was 15 years old, parked in front of my mother's house while he was attempting to molest me; I had to beg for my life for him to let me go.  I was so devastated by that experience it took me until I was 40 to comfortably drive in a car with automatic windows and door locks.......I kid you not!  Not only did my father (head of the deacon board at his church and region) did nothing when I told him what happened, my oldest sisters and one of my stepsisters told me he was an abuser himself.  Keri, I'm telling you things I plan on taking to my grave someday and have told no one else because I see your heart and exactly where you're coming from.  I have a sister from one of my stepsisters..........yes, you read that correctly!  I've hated that man ever since for what he did unapologetic for any of his actions.  Maybe he sought and received God's forgiveness, but he did nothing to help his victims but leave them broken and devastated.  I haven't released him in forgiveness yet, but thanks to you, I can work towards it.

You see, you never know who you've touched and how you've touched them; please continue to do as you do.  My heart and prayers for your strength, protection, and courage are with you wherever you go.  Many times our behavior and habits are symptoms of deeper problems and issues.  And it always comes back to the human condition of the spirit and soul, doesn't it? 

I now feel free to seriously work on my issues with my confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth because I've spent most of my life searching for them in men, work and other people's approval."

P. G. -- Cincinnati, OH

"A young woman's search for "The Divine" derailed by the Catholic Church. Honest and insightful recounting of the wrongs directed at her by the Church and how she strives to overcome."


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Sister Keri offers real remedies for implanted replicating weaponized nano-technology such as is found in some of the COVID-19 injections. She was initially targeted ten years ago for CONTROL after she became a whistleblower against the Deep State.  But when she refused to acquiesce and succeeded in ridding her body of the implanted replicating weaponized nano-technology intended to control her, she became a target for DEATH.  She has survived no less than 12 attacks on her life and offers her extensive experiences with bio-weaponry to help others facing similar attacks which potentially includes everyone who has taken the jab.  Dr. Francis Boyle, a renowned doctor, and others have identified the COVID-19 jab as a biowarfare biotech weapon that may in time either kill those who take it or render them controlled slaves.  Sister Keri is living proof that the effects can be reversed and the nefarious purposes rebuffed.  She is a lone voice of hope amidst many who’ve stated this can’t be reversed.

       Although Sister Keri has described in detail her experiences and remedies in 11.5 hours of video footage*, a highlight-only synopsis (under 2 hours) of her story focusing on the remedies that worked for her† is now available to watch here.

 *‘From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer’ in two parts is currently available at

 † This video is for general informational purposes only.  CHRIST THE WALL HERMITAGES does not offer legal, tax, or medical advice.

My Story: From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer, (Part 2 of a 2 Part Series) Video Streaming Access 

My Story-T2F.jpg

Part 2 of 2:  You will learn the methods that Sister Keri used to cleanse her body of weaponized military grade nanotechnology (these self-assembling nanobots were implanted for purposes of interfacing Sister Keri's brain to a BRAIN CHIP connected to a wireless network for the ultimate purpose of controlling the mind and other functions) and how she maintains her healing as described in her doctor's report "a total turn around in results" having no activated signals, how she put together the report that she believes contributed largely to her enjoying a protected status today.  You will hear from part of Sister's inner core group and how she became a Private American Citizen and how also can attain this status or status like it in your own country by returning to your original status at birth as non-surety and non-enemy.  You will see evidence that categorizes and marks us as unwittingly and unknowingly threats to military databases and how to make corrections to that record.  Sister Keri encourages you above all to never forget who you are on this journey to healing and freedom!