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The SPECIAL NOTICE Package consists of:

1. The Notice to be filed in proper jurisdiction.

2. Notice of your filing published in your local newspaper.

3. Copies of these cured notices (it usually takes 30 days to cure) being sent to the parties/entities as stipulated by you on the Intake Form. 


     As explained by Sister Keri on Scott McKay's Patriot Streetfighter program, in order to have leverage in asserting your rights, you must first provide NOTICE to those who would attempt to trample on them.  Once they've been noticed, they have no excuse for violating your rights; that is the purpose of this SPECIAL NOTICE.  Violations of your rights should be prevented, but in the case of a persistent violator, you can pursue recourse.  (Christ The Wall Hermitages can likely help you with that under a separate contract and agreement should it prove necessary.)


     You agree to fund an agent of Christ the Wall Hermitages, for all mailing and filing costs separately and in addition to this funding.  Once those costs are determined based on the information you provide, an invoice to cover those expenses will be submitted to you, and funds received before the notice is filed in the proper jurisdiction.


     You agree that Christ the Wall Hermitages is not offering any legal, medical, or tax advice, and you agree to seek these modalities should they be needed in your own case, matter, or controversy.  You agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in the annexed Special Notice Pamphlet issued by Christ the Wall Hermitages, and you hold harmless Christ the Wall Hermitages, its agent(s), officer(s), director(s), and assign(s) and accept responsibility for any controversy that may arise as a result of filing said Special Notice.


     You agree to Christ the Wall Hermitages’ Non-Disclosure Agreement "NDA" and grant limited Power of Attorney "POA" to our agents for purposes of completing all filings and mailings on your behalf for this Special Notice Package.


Once this donation has been made, our team will reach out to you with next steps.  


Please give us from 24-48 hours to provide you with the necessary forms for processing.


     All donations are final.  Your donations help us to most effectively and safely provide the remedies that have worked in Sister Keri's experience.  There are no refunds or transfers.


     We are not an emergency service and make no guarantees or warranties as a result of using any of our materials.


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     Thank you again for your honor and support! We welcome testimonials :-)


NOTICE: We at Christ the Wall Hermitages are not offering any legal, medical, or tax advice and you agree to seek these modalities should they be needed in your own case, matter or controversy.


NOTICE: All donations are final and nonrefundable.


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