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In Part 2 of 2, you will learn how Sister Keri researched and found that she was “not in Kansas anymore" and that there are parallel worlds in law, one to suretyship and slavery and one to freedom and honor.  You will hear from part of Sister's inner core group on how she expresses her Private American Citizenship alongside her Ambassadorial Status for Christ and how you also can attain this status or status like it in your own country by returning to your original status at birth as non-surety and non-enemy.  Although this content addresses the United States jurisdictional matters specifically, the same concepts can be applicable to making proper declarations in other countries.  You will see evidence that categorizes and marks us unwittingly and unknowingly as threats to military databases and how to make corrections to that record by way of the U.S. passport application.  Sister Keri encourages you above all to never forget who you are on this journey to empowerment and freedom!

Approximate Running Time:  1hr 8mins


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Reclaiming Your First Estate, a 2-Part Video Series