My Story: From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer
(Part 2 of a 2 Part Series)
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In part 2 of 2: You will learn the methods that Sister Keri used to cleanse her body of weaponized military grade nanotechnology (these self-assembling nanobots were implanted for purposes of interfacing Sister Keri's brain to a BRAIN CHIP connected to a wireless network for the ultimate purpose of controlling the mind and other functions) and how she maintains her healing as described in her doctor's report "a total turn around in results" having no activated signals, how she put together the report that she believes contributed largely to her enjoying a protected status today. You will hear from part of Sister's inner core group and how she became a Private American Citizen and how you also can attain this status or a status like it in your own country by returning to your original status at birth as non-surety and non-enemy. You will see evidence that categorizes and marks us as unwittingly and unknowingly threats to military databases and how to make corrections to that record. Sister Keri encourages you above all to never forget who you are on this journey to healing and freedom!

Chronology for video chapter sequence for Part 2 of this Series "My Story From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer":


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