Christ The Wall Hermitages Keri Burnor


Christ the Wall Hermitage has not only a unique name but a unique purpose. It seeks to assist victims of clergy sexual abuse and other abuses relating to being targeted unjustly.

The CWH Team offers online streaming access to our program called "My Story From Targeted 2 Free: Love is the Answer" that is a state of the art, multi-faceted, cross-disciplinary approach to developing a personalized strategy and practical steps based upon my own experience becoming free of being targeted. One may be a target but they do not have to be a victim and so our motto: Transforming Victims Into Victors!

Our goal is to assist the targeted survivor to assist themselves to be free from specifically identified, unwanted interference from hostile programs that are violating their rights and negatively impacting their life.

Our program is based upon experience achieving documented success.

The concept or image of Christ as Wall has developed and become an expression of my own unique spirituality. Having experienced extremely unusual and unique challenges, facing them and experiencing the success I was seeking, I hope my experience can be beneficial to others.   I wish to extend my understanding of Christ as a Protector to those who wish to experience healing, strength, and empowerment in their lives. If you believe you are a target of weaponized nanotechnology or similar technologies, we hope the DVD presented and other materials herein are beneficial to you.  We look forward to continuing to be of service to you in this courageous journey to freedom, wholeness, and restoration.

Christ The Wall Hemitges Clerical Abuse